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Wash face well and leave skin slightly damp (however, dry your hands well for better friction). On a section of skin about the size of a large egg, use a pea-sized amount of Step One.
Begin to lightly move the cream around in circles. Be sure to keep the Microdermx toward the center of the section, avoiding hairlines etc. After you spread out the initial amount, it should be about this consistency:
Work Microdermx in circles until the "cream" within the formula becomes mostly absorbed. It will feel a bit dry and the crystals seem to "surface". It is very important to keep working the product through this phase until it goes from "gritty to smooth". This is the actual "microdermabrasion" phase. Here you see this "dry" phase:
Then it will seem to ball or "clump up" together and fall away. It is not until you reach this point that you have attained completion of microdermabrasion. The time it takes to get to this step can range from around 1 to 4 minutes (of gently moving the Microdermx in circles) depending on how much dead skin you have to remove.
Note: The peelings that drop away are a large part dead skin mixed with medical grade corundum crystals.
Now, repeat this same process on each section of your face before you finish by rinsing your entire face with tepid water.
Follow with a thin coat of Step Two. You may also use the Step Two as a daily (light) moisturizer after washing your face. After treatment your skin will feel incredibly smooth and be "rosey" in color. It is possible that if your skin is more sensitive, it may even be bright pink and feel hot or warm up to an hour after you finish treatment. See frequency of use information below.
General Tips
It is best to do this treatment at night before bed - this gives your skin a chance to "breathe". Also avoiding extensive sunlight exposure 24 to 48 hours after treatment is preferred. It is better to do a treatment before a shower (or bath) rather than afterward. Too much moisture in your hands after a shower (or bath) can make the "gritty to smooth" effect more difficult to reach. You may target specific areas that are more "troublesome" for eg. dark spots, acne scars etc. by simply working the product in these areas longer or more often per week. Light peelings of dead skin the day following an initial treatment are rare yet appropriate and indicate that you got a very deep level treatment. If this happens simply apply another thin layer of Step Two.
Frequency of Use
1x per week: Super sensitive (thin, dry, brittle, irritated) skin types start with weekly treatments and then increase frequency as the skin tolerates it.
2-3x per week: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination skin types start by using Microdermx 2x per week and then increase it to 3x a week if you are looking to aggressively improve skin conditions.
As a Daily Exfoliant
Microdermx Step One can also be used daily as an exfoliator to help expedite the process of improving skin tone. To do so, simply dampen skin and briskly rub cream in only 20 seconds - Rinse & apply Step Two.