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Microdermx™ “Step One: Refinish” is the microdermabrasion aspect of the treatment and uses medical grade corundum crystals (or fused aluminum oxide) to bring you a professional treatment without the expense and hassle of going to a salon. Unlike the majority of home microdermabrasion kits, Microdermx™ adds to medical grade crystals concentrated amounts of botanicals, nutrients and active enzymes to further enhance results. (more…)

See Ingredients list “Step One: Refinish”

The follow up regime to microdermabrasion treatment is very important,
“Step Two: Replenish” was created specifically for this purpose. This
"skin food" contains bio-dynamic ingredients that work harmoniously with your skin's natural repair systems to remedy past effects and prevent future damage caused by environmental pollutants,
sun exposure and time.

It should be noted that for approx. 36 hours after treatment the skin is
more “open”, therefore applying typical moisturizers that contain harsh
chemical additives could cause the skin to react. This is due to the nature
of microdermabrasion removing the top layers of epidermis that normally
act as a barrier to toxins. Therefore, it is important to take this time to
implant nutrients and active botanicals deep into the epidermis which will
help to take this treatment a step further than microdermabrasion alone.

See Ingredients list “Step Two: Replenish”

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