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"Holistic" Skincare

Our concept is simple: infuse concentrated amounts of pure vitalizing ingredients into each formula to stimulate the skin's ability to regain balance rather than masking its "symptoms" of imbalance. Taking that a step further, we acknowledge that the health of the "whole" person is needed to ensure the long lasting beauty and health of one's skin. See "Holistic Skin Care Tips"
to help encourage this balance.

Not Just "High End" — High Integrity

Many skin care companies have a similar approach when developing a cosmetic or
"cosmeceutical" product.

First, spend millions of dollars on market research, glossy campaigns and eye-catching packaging in order to guarantee sales. Next, formulate a product that simply feels and smells good when applied ­ for as little cost as possible. Often this means filling the jar 60-70% with "fillers" that are extremely cheap and that have NO ACTUAL BENEFIT to the skin. Finally, add to the formula miniscule amount of " active" ingredients to back up marketing claims. So while the label might read: "vitamin e and aloe lotion" it may contain only 2% vitamin e and aloe vera, not enough to bring substantial benefits.

Our products contain no fillers. Instead, we use high concentrations of quality ingredients stabilized with plant- based preservatives that have been proven safe to ingest.

Pure & Effective "Synergistic" Complexes

Our products contain scientifically
proven extracts of: botanicals, anti-
oxidants, nutrients, active enzymes &
very pure essential oils. Each extract
is analyzed and purified using modern
techniques to deliver the maximum
benefits to the end-user. Furthermore,
the benefits of each extract can either be enhanced (or reduced) when used in
combination with others. As a result,
our research team pursues development
of the highest performing extracts that synergistically deliver the best results.

Every Nikkel Skincare formula is:

Non-Comedogenic (will not clog pores)
100% Fragrance and Colorant Free
Safe for all skin types
Not tested on Animals