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See what actual customers say about Microdermx.

" I wanted to let you know that I love this!...I have used it as a full treatment twice. I have been having derma-planing procedures, where they use a scalpel to exfoliate the top layers of the facial skin and I have to say your product left my skin glowing and feeling just like the derma-planing procedure does, at a fraction of the price. Derma-planing cost $75 for a 20 minute procedure. Thank you so much. I can't wait to share these products!" -Kathleen H.

"I will be forty this week and your cream has made me feel 25 or 30! its really great stuff! my mother also used it and loves it! she is 60 and really is amazed with the results! she has tried everything! thank you! we will be buying more!!!" -Barbie Haire

"This cream is a miracle.  I have NEVER had better skin.  I can honestly go without makeup and look good!! Thank you." -Florence Stasch

"Well, let me start by saying "WOW"!!!!!!!! At first I was skeptical BUT this stuf ROCKS! When LG said her skin felt like a babies butt, she wasn't lying! I've used many scrubs, Philosophy etc, I've been doing peels, Glycolic (don't care for) and TCA (liked), but this blows everything away…" -Holly

"I am using the microdermabrasion cream and just love it! It has worked wonders with enlarged pores and rough skin. Along with such a wonderful smell, my skin just feels fantastic and clean after I use it!" -Mary Jane Struck


"I am a black man with a life long problem of ingrown hairs - then they scar. The ingrown hairs are gone - the scars are too! Thank you so much!" -Vic J.

"I have used it 2X...GREAT results, and I'm a miracle-cream skeptic." -Shari Cosaro

"Nicer than Dermanew..." -Kim Thomas

"Superb! Love This Product!" -Mayumi H.

"I have discoloration from years of shaving; used for 2 days and already see progress." -Debra Robinson

"OH MY! Gray Matter came off my face! Your microdermabrasion creme ROCKS! ;-) A+!" -Ramona Benson

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE your product! I was very skeptical about the claims, but thought I would give it a try. I used the cream the first night I received it and could not believe the immediate difference in the look and feel of my skin after just one use. The next morning my face felt baby soft and was MUCH less oily. I have extremely oily skin and am very prone to breakouts. I just love how my make-up glides on, looks so much better, and lasts all day because I am not anywhere near as oily. Anyway, I can't wait to see what my results will be with continued use. This stuff is FABULOUS!!! I will be back for more! Thanks!" -Rhonda

"I can't say enough about this cream! I have seen such DRASTIC results in such a short time!" -Crista C.

"Hi, I got this item from you about 4 weeks ago and really, really just love it! I've tried others but my skin is so "baby" soft and smooth now. I'm 57 years old and have been using one face cream or another for years! Everything else is in the trash because your product is all I need. ...Thanks!"  -Carol T.

"…This stuff is great! By the way shortly after I bought it someone asked me how I liked it. I definitely gave it the thumbs up. Not that you need it, but if you have any skeptics feel free to have them email me. I used to work in a beauty store and I know skin products and ingredients pretty well and it is superior to anything I’ve seen in the stores. Thanks and take care!" –Cindy

"I have tried others and nothing else compares to this!! I love the smell!" -Christine S.

"As a makeup artist, I can tell you this is an amazing product! Everyone should use it!" -Wendy S.

"Everyone that I have given a sample of your product has RAVED. You should see MY skin. I am so IMPRESSED!" -D.M.

"Thank you! My skin is SO different! I have died and gone to heaven!" of having psoriasis, my cheekbone and eyebrow are finally healing and are almost clear!" -Pat B.

"This product is such a find! What a relief to find something that actually works amid the glutted cosmetics/cosmeceutical market!" -C.L.